Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Jase!!

The Grandmas....(left to right) Starr aka MIMI (Andrew's Mom, Mary, aka Nana my mom, and Carol aka Grandma

I am Wildcat her me ROAR!

"Just what I wanted"

Joel enjoying all the family

Bakugan Birthday

On Jase's actual birthday he wanted to go to TREX for dinner

"Im a TREX"

I loved how well my camera captured the lighting

"Show me your dinosaur face"

Joel was pretty amazed at all the dinosaurs

Loving my boys!

Thanks, Jase for making me a MOM


Purple bubbles!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Destin Florida 2011

The view from the balcony....everyone enjoying their 1st day at the beach

Andrew and Jase running from the waves

Jase and Jackson.....they became best buds...friends from North Carolina

Jase loved the ocean and running from the waves

Joel sporting my Maui Jems

The most beautiful water I had ever seen....such a beautiful beach with white powdery sand.

Jase and Jackson in their room playing DS

Joel loved playing under the unbrella....he wasnt a big fan of the sand

All 6 kiddos shared this room....it had 2 sets of bunk beds...pretty nice set up for them

My view every morning while having my coffee....im sure going to miss that

Our Room

Living Room....i love the view

Joel wanted so badly to go down those stairs

Our first day at the beach

I love how clear and green the water was

My sweet baby Joel

Jase and Jackson building in the sand

Post spaghetti...lol

Jase started to become very brave towards the end of the trip

Sweet little Molly

"Big Joel"

Joel loved the ocean but didnt like the waves....

Our house from the beach

The Keenan Family

Love my sweeties

The most precious group of kiddos

Love my boys

"love love love"

What a great looking group of kiddos

Everything was funny to them

Loved having some girl time

The sun setting on the ocean