Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Fun in Kansas City

Being the mom of two boys I have learned that having planned activities is the best way to keep them happy. Jase, 6, (in two days), is one that opperates best on a schedule. So to have fun, make some memories, and to keep them happy I decided the only way to make this summer the best I had to put together a calender.  Our summer kick off starts by taking a road trip to Destin Florida. This will be our second annual trip and we are pretty excited.

I have created a sort of "bucket list" of things to do then put them on the calender.
  • Craft Mondays- a couple examples of what we will be doing is a birdfeeder and a stepping stone and our summer scrapbook (we plan on spending the rest of the day at the pool)
  • Helping Tuesdays-this day we will go to Andrew's grandma to clean her house for her to help
  • Stay at Home Wednesdays-this day is for us to play outside games (red light green light and ping pong balloons or a water balloon fight.
  • Getway Thursdays- Since the boys have every toy a child could dream of having I decided that fo their birthdays to create a packet/book of tickets to:(link included)
                                                       1. Kansas City Zoo
                                                           2. Paradise Park
                                                           3. Midland RailRoad
                                                           4. Oceans of Fun
                                                           5. Little Monkey Bizness
                                                           6. Berry Patch
                                                           7. Overland Park Arboretum And Botanical-Gardens
  •   Playground Hopping Fridays- we plan on visiting a different park around the area for a picnic and play which also includes going to the pool afterwards.
I plan on blogging once a week with pics that of that week.
So stay tuned and HAPPY SUMMERTIME!!