Monday, February 13, 2012


According to my posts it says that December, 1st, 2011 was the last time I completed a blog The winter months are very much my least favorite time of year. Something about being cooped up in the house and yucky weather causing illnesses that makes it difficult to be a stay at home mom. Luckily I have been busy with my business to keep my mind sane. My business has picked up 80% since a few months ago. So between doing projects found on pinterest, helping with websites and social media, and taking family and business photographs I have been busy, hence the 2 month absence on my blog. Its been fun and exciting to pick up a career in something that sort of fell in my lap. Being in the medical field for 10 years its been a good change. Using my creativity and organizational skills are my favorite pastime so this has been fun for me.

 Jase has really blossomed in his learning skills the last few months. The last months it was learning how to read and spell difficult words and lately it has been addition, adding 3 separate numbers together. When I asked his teacher if they were learning this in his class she said they do math but its just counting out bears. I asked him how he knew how to do this he said he just thinks about it in his head. To me this says that cutting back on watching SpongeBob to only Saturday mornings has helped! LOL!

Joel......oh Joel..he has turned into this little sweet Tasmanian devil. My house goes from being spotless to looking like a tornado hits it in about less than 15 mins of him being awake. He is such a busy little boy, exploring, going from one thing to the next. Recently he let go of a balloon he had been togging around, when he was outside it just floated away in the sky. So now everything we go outside he says "oh, no" bye "L" (he pronounces balloon by saying a strong L). Its cute.

This month I celebrated the BIG 30! Years ago I always thought "wow, 30 is old" but now that I'm 30 I don't feel it is at all. I had a great time celebrating with great friends at my favorite restaurant Brio on the Plaza. We had our own little room reserved. It was a classy dinner! The next night Andrew threw me a family celebration all while watching the Super Bowl. It was fun to be surrounded with all my family I love very much. My big celebration will be in Napa with my bestest friend in the world. Saying " I cant wait"is an understatement.

Andrew has been working late most nights and on the weekend so its been pretty chaotic around here luckily I have my aunt and cousin living with us for awhile so they have been a big help to me and allows for adult conversation. Cant wait for his busy season to be over.
Well hopefully it wont be 2 months until my next post.