Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Domestic Diva..............

So after I had my first child I knew I needed to learn about organization, planning, and making lists. So I took part in this study at church called, Becoming A Woman Who Pleases God. This study was completely and utterly overwhelming....planning menus....having a cleaning schedule.....being prepared...what??? There were plenty more but I wont go into details. If you know, or should I say knew me ,you know that I was far from any of these....I'm more of a "go with the flow" kinda girl. Boy did I learn quick after having a baby that that sort of mentality does not work so well. So I took what I learned and applied them to my day and boy did I see a difference. First I began with my menu planning....I typed out on excel all my recipes and began planning for the month. Then I took my list to the store, which was very different because before I would go up and down every isle contemplating on what to get. I usually would come home and realize that I forgot several items I needed for certain recipes. I learned that my old way of shopping was #1 more time consuming and #2 more expensive because I would always buy stuff I really didn't need or already had at home. I have come a long way since my study 4 years ago. I now have a menu planning site have also learned that Aldi is a great place to shop. I once thought I was too good to shop there (don't judge me I'm much more humble now), but it actually has really good food and has saved me $150 a month because I do shop there. There are things I buy at Hyvee because they don't stock certain things at Aldi. What I have learned to do is to make my shopping list and head to Aldi and what I don't find at Aldi I go to Hyvee. But.... if normally shop at  Whole Foods, and I once did due to my crazy diet change to have a baby, you probably wont appreciate Aldi.

Another thing I learned is a cleaning schedule........I hate to clean.....and I hate schedules....... so this is and will always be hard to follow 100% but its amazing and very helpful to stay on top of your cleaning.
I have had several requests about my meal planning as well as my cleaning schedule. I can tell you that it has really helped me be a better mom because I am more prepared, and in more ways than one, turned me into a domestic diva.

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