Monday, February 28, 2011

Feburary....the month of LOVE!

February was a fun month for us. I celebrated my 29th birthday which means next year will be a big one! This year I have decided not to sweat the small stuff and just enjoy what ever life brings. This year a few of my friends and I were planning to take a girls trip for my birthday to Hermann, MO. We planned on staying at a B&B there and have a spa/wine tasting retreat but when the "storm of the century" came through the week before it left us stranded in KC. So my friend Nicole and I decided to have a girls weekend "KC style". We stayed in an amazing hotel off the Plaza called "The Raphael". We stayed in the corner suite which was amazing.
The view was amazing!!

The view of the Plaza from our room.
After we checked into the hotel we headed to Shine Spa in Westport, an unknown gem to me, for a day of pampering. The day ended with shopping and eating at one of my favorite restaurant Brio. The weekend was a much needed break from motherhood for both of us. It was so great to sleep without a baby monitor next to my bed. I couldn't ask for a better person to get away with either. Nicole is one of my bestests friends in the world. Her and I grew up together. The funny thing is is that we actually didn't like each other at one point, which is a really funny story. Nicole is someone who will always be apart of my life. Its crazy to think about all we have been through together. Crazy boy talk, to college visits, nights out on the town, marriage, and now motherhood. I'm way off track here sorry, well I have to share a few photos, (Nicole I hope you don't mind). There are tons more!!

So now where was I, oh, my birthday.....all my boys surprised me with this fabulous locket with both Jase and Joel's picture inside, both 8 months old. On the front their names are engraved.


Valentines Day.....well Jase and I had planned to have a Valentine's Day party and were planning on decorating and making cupcakes but unfortunately he came down with some sort of virus so plans were changed. Since I wasn't able to get out to shop for our party we made our own Valentines.
That night I was surprised with 3 roses from each of the boys....

as well as this pretty little jewelry box....

         I love love, in fact a little extra info.... my name means "to be loved" ... and I sure felt like it this February.  

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  1. Love this blog Mandy. We need to get together sometime soon girl. You have such a loving husband and one that is so in tune with you and what you are all about and what makes you the happiest. You are a wonderful friend, woman, wife, mother & sister to everyone you have met along in your life. Trust me I am speaking from knowing you. Keep the blogs coming. Love always your friend, Sara Brummer

  2. Thank you Sara. Your comments are very sweet. I would love to see you too.

  3. Ha ha ha... I am laughing so hard at the pic of us in our ponchos! They were so cool! I heart you:) LOVED our getaway... we need to do that again next year!