Wednesday, June 15, 2011


We had so much fun in NYC. Our first time there and we had only one day to do the complete tour of Manhattan. I was amazed at the atmosphere and lifestyle there. When we arrived at our hotel in Time Square it was 12am and you would think with all the people still out it was the middle of the day. People were still shopping (which I love that you can still shop at 12am). We decided to take a stroll thru Time Square. The next day we had a full day of site seeing, shopping and eating and here are the photographs of our day in NYC. ( I have altered some of the photos which I think turned out pretty cool). FYI it was the hottest day in 75 years that early of the year...we definitely felt it for sure.

Time Square was pretty cool at night

This was about 1am....notice all the people still out and about shopping and hanging out

Our day started in Time Square

Love the REESES sign!
This was a HUGE TOYSRUS.
Rockefeller Center
The architecture here was amazing

Central Park....the "Friends" fountain

We had to stop and take a break here in the tunnel beneath the was only 10 am and about 90 degrees

This band was playing here in Central thing I loved about New York was the live bands everywhere

Taking a "stroll" thru Central Park

I can only imagine but I bet Central Park is amazing in the Fall

Taking our first subway train to SOHO

Yes....I'm a Karadashian fan so of course I had to was pretty cool...they had guards inside the entire time
Lombardi's Pizza is supposedly THE BEST in NYC....and I'm not for sure cause we didn't eat any other but it was pretty amazing. We happened to be there while they were filming a commercial for Lombardi's and was able to meet the owner and who knows maybe on their commercial as well.

I loved the architecture of NYC....I believe this was a church in SOHO

The Freedom tower....once where the World Trade Center once was...we visited the museum and that entire area was filled with a feeling I cant really describe... walking thru the museum..reliving the moment was tragic as well as reading all the stories and letters written to their lost loved ones

We were told that one floor of the WTC was an acre long.....I cant even imagine...and now its gone

Notice the "Still Standing" on the firetruck...this was next door to the museum, across from what was the World Trade Center.

Walking thru SOHO....a trendy boutique place to shop

This was a view from the ferry we were on to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

They were filming "Sesame Street"

Andrew works for the company who owns Applebees so it was only right to take his pic in the Applebees in Time Square

Our view out our window at camera wouldn't capture a great photo with out the flash so I altered it a bit
That evening we learned about the Black Eyed Peas concert from one of the girls working at was a free concert in Central Park and were able to get tickets but unfortunately the rained cancelled it so we ended our evening at BLT Steaks a fabulous restaurant recommended by a local we met on the subway. I didn't get any pics because it wasn't that kind of place where you took pics.
This was our cab ride back to our hotel wear I thought I was going to die a few times...they are crazy.....I had worn the wrong shoes that night so there was not going to be any extra walking for sure and plus it was raining.


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  1. i love the reeses sign too! :) glad your trip was fun and welcome home!