Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Part 2....New Jersey

 Galloway NJ was our next stop in our trip. Andrew's pledge brother Kevin was getting married. Our stay in Galloway was amazing. Our stay was at Dolce Seaview Golf Resort  The resort was an elegant, turn-of-the century resort. This resort was a stay of many famous and past presidents. The weekend before our stay the LPGA had their golf tournament at this resort. It was amazing to learn about the history of this hotel. Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, President Harding, The Rolling Stones, and Dwight Eisenhower are just a few of the famous guests here. I highly recommend this hotel if traveling to was about 8 miles from Atlantic City, NJ.

The wedding was nothing short of spectacular. Kevin and Maria were stunning and were glowing with happiness as their event unfold. It was an amazing weekend and we were so blessed to be there to witness this journey of their beginning lives as husband and wife. Congrats to you both and thanks for letting us be apart of your special day.

Rehearsal Dinner at a cute little town of Smithville, NJ

The "welcome party" at JD's pub...great time and good laughs

The walk down the aisle as husband and wife. The ceremony was a beautiful,traditional Catholic ceremony. 

Rolls Royce was pretty sweet..
Cocktail Hour before the reception

The boys playing the family recreational room

Inside the resort these chandeliers were hanging everywhere so I had to take a picture

Cocktail hour was pretty amazing...

This ice sculpture was designed by Maria (the brides brother) it was beautiful. It was the center of the 'cocktail hour'

Cocktail hour had some amazing food and drinks in fact it was so amazing I even tried lobster which I dislike seafood very much but it wasn't bad...I prefer other things but I didn't hate it.

He sweeps me off my feet despite the fact he has no moves...sorry Andrew

Greg and Trevor.....they stole my camera

Brian Frazier

We both had a great time dancing...The live band was amazing...they played everything from Frank Sinatra to Lady GAGA

Singing the Beta Song

Treavor and Leah McKeeman...its always fun seeing them swing dance...their little boy Finn was just adorable

Showing off their dance lessons...they were amazing....loved seeing Kevin so happy.
Outside the golf shop



Our next stop was Ocean City, NJ were we spent a much needed day at the beach, unfortunatly the water was freezing but we walked the boardwalk and ate some amazing pizza at Mack and Mancos I have to say it was almost better if not tied with Lombardi's Pizza in NYC. It was so nice to have the day where we were not rushed for time. We sat on the boardwalk benches just taking in the beautiful day and were able to see a family of dolphins swimming in the ocean. Ocean City was a nice family friendly place. Here are our pics of our day

The next day we drove to Philadelphia to catch our flight home. We had some time to kill so we took a visit downtown, again some beautiful architecture as well as some amazing history.

By the time our trip had ended I was almost in tears because I missed my boys so much. We had a fabulous time and loved taking pics of our travels.

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