Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrating 8 years.....

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary!! We spent the evening at Sullivans in Leawood. A fabulous meal and a great atmosphere with soft lighting and a piano player for the background music. We enjoyed a meal with out any interruptions and nice conversations.

The moment I met Andrew I knew he was a catch. Our connection was unlike any other connection I had ever had. I knew way before Andrew that we would be married someday. Our wedding day was fabulous. Unlike most girls I didn't have a dream about what kind of wedding I wanted I just knew I wanted to marry someone that cared about me and helped me be a better person. Our wedding was perfect! Our honeymoon was spent in Niagara Falls Canada. We stayed in a fabulous penthouse overlooking the Falls. Then we explored Canada and stayed at a fabulous Bed and Breakfast.

These years together have been fabulous. Yes some hard times but defiantly not as many as the best times.

Below are photos of these past 11 years together.
When our romance high school graduation party. Andrew surprised me by driving from K-State to come.

Andrew's College Graduation 2001
Peppercorn Duck Club dinner July 2002

Moments before Andrew purposed November 2002

After wedding rehearsal Aug. 8th 2003

Our wedding day Aug. 9th 2003

Our first Christmas as husband and wife 2003
K-State Bowl Game 2003 Tempe, AZ. We drove straight thru from KS-AZ. Our first road trip!

Celebrating our 5th Wedding Anniversary in Mexico
K-State Football 2008

Easter 2011

Celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary

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