Saturday, March 12, 2011

9 months!

9 months means a lot for little Joel....March 1st he started to crawl which to a busy baby like Joel it means a lot...getting around all by himself. It also means 3 months till he is 1 year old. Where in the world did these past 9 months go?? I cant believe how fast it goes. Joel also is transporting himself very well by walking around all the furniture he can possibly reach. We have set up a little trail for him to be able to get around the entire living room. Its pretty funny watching him conquer his way around. One thing that he loves the most is getting his hands on all Jase's toys. He will notice a toy of Jase's clear across the room and its pretty hilarious watching him go as fast as he can to get to it.He also has 4 teeth now, his 2 front teeth as well as his 2 bottom teeth. He is such a happy baby and his smile brights up the entire room. The first 4 pictures are of our visit to Antioch Park, and the last picture is the moment Joel started to crawl. I have loved taking pics with my new camera and Joel sure makes it tons of fun.

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